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Thoughts on Penis Size

There’s a lot of debate about penis size and what it means, from making jokes about needle dicks to comparing shoe size to length, it’s the unspeakable taboo that we joke about, sometimes making someone the butt (no pun intended) of our jokes. It’s not just brought up in our own social circles, but also often found on TV, sung about in songs, and shown in movies.

All this talk about penis size, and the conflicting opinions women give about what they, in essence, as end-users, prefer, leave men wondering what their own size means. Being left and abandoned by the woman they love because of his penis size can create a lot of fear in a man, and a lot of stress, too. It is this stress and uncertainty that causes men to seek out male enhancement products (visit Penile Plus for detailed reviews) in a bid to increase their penis size.

It’s true there are personal preferences among women regarding size, but this is because there are different backgrounds for each individual woman. Women like different things about men, including their penis length, personality type, wallet thickness, body hair level, and so many other things. Sometimes, these attributes aren’t important. Sometimes, they are make-it-or-break-it standards that a woman has. But as for penis length, which is something that few men can control without some sort of aid or device, or surgery, what does a woman really want?

Short or long? Well, there really is no one-size-pleases-all-ladies length. Some women prefer a man with a great sense of sexual adventurousness and his size doesn’t matter, and other women prefer men who have longer penises.

The strength of this preference varies from woman to woman, also. While many say that size shouldn’t matter because the more sensitive areas of a woman’s genitalia is on the outside of the vagina to about an inch or two inside, there is a sense of pressure when a woman is being penetrated very deeply. Some women who like to feel dominated and subdued or submissive during sex will be more likely, according to some, to prefer a longer penis than a shorter one. However, if a woman is into dominance and submissive play, then an experienced person, male or female, will know that sex toys can be used creatively to enhance any man’s size.

With extra length often comes extra girth, or circumference around, which can, and often does, provide more stimuli for the woman around the vagina’s opening, simply because of the added friction.

Men often see their penis’ size as a mark of their masculinity and dominance over other men. Even when a man is considered to be well-endowed, he himself is used to the size, and many a man often wishes he could be just a little bit longer.

Because of the focus on penis size, and the normal desire to be longer and wider, many men have turned to different companies in a search to find effective penis-enlargement solutions. There are only a few that provide real ‘relief’ to men searching for this. Most promise increased size, and along wit it increased stamina, self-esteem, and relationship-security.

Other men opt for dangerous surgery, and decide the risk, and the great expense, is worth the possible increase in length. But most take the less-risky route, such as penis pumps or pills. Some who have had problems with erections will find that the medications given for this can increase their size slightly. Because this is an issue that directly affects many women’s pleasure, many women have done their own research and found that herbal supplements aren’t just for themselves, but can help their lover, too. Herbal supplements are natural, and although often not tested, often have a long-standing history of relieving many of mankind’s ills. If these herbal remedies were not effective, they would not have gained the reputation they have. One herbal supplement that helps increase blood flow, which directly impacts the girth of a man’s penis (which is more important than length), and also relieves stress while stimulating the nervous system is Male Extra. It’s been known to help with erectile issues, also.

While it’s important to many men to have a longer penis, reaching the goal should also be important. Anything you take into your body has the possibility of affecting your health long term. It’s best to go with something that has a reputation of being safe. The Size Genetics penis extender has that reputation, and studies conducted have shown that in less than a month, long-term effects are shown in penis length. Size Genetics is a medically endorsed, clinically tested device that is often used as a post-operative penile surgery device to maintain gains. If it wasn’t safe to use, it wouldn’t have made it through clinical testing and doctors would never risk their reputation by endorsing it.

It’s true it’s important to keep your woman happy in bed, but it’s also very important that you do this safely. How can you keep her happy if you aren’t healthy? The main point is to take care of yourself and her, too, and to take care of your health and her pleasure in a safe way.


Is your boss a psychopath?

It is a real possibility that one in twenty-five employers can be a psychopath. I will show you just how an employer can be two people in personality. They can be both very charming and emotionally disconnected at the very same time.

Psycho Logo
The film Psycho featured Norman Bates who was a violent psychopath.

Do you honestly hate your boss? Has it gotten so bad that the boss takes credit for your work or leaves you to pick up the pieces that belong to any task of issues that he creates? The psychologist, as well as, co-author of the book Snakes In Suits – When Pyschos Go To Work by Paul Babiak is a book that does analyze more than 200 personalities belonging to professionals in the United States.  From a checklist, which was developed by Robert Hare, who is from the University of British Columbia and called the Psychopathy Checklist. Paul Babiak did make the discovery that about 4% of these working professionals did fit this criteria. This is 1 in 25.

Mr. Babiak did assume right away that these working professionals do get their game working good on the job market. This is because he or she is able to convince managers of their specific forces. “Psychopaths are very capable of making an awesome first impression,” he openly explains. They are very charming and impressive in their own special ways. The truth is this. They are very bad managers and aren’t at al interested in their profession or the business at hand. They tend to also only think about themselves.

To make a long story short, psychopaths do hide behind their own masks, and they tend to carry themselves as being charismatic leaders. However, in reality, they are nothing but hollow and empty shells. Nor do they express their emotions and are devoid of regret or guilt.

There are some studies that do clearly show that psychopaths do express a real difficulty in understanding the very nature of feelings. This is something that does clearly display their insensitivity and low emotional IQ. About half of the patients that Paul Babiak has are from the world of finance. Is their interest in money something to do with why they are psychopaths? This psychologist does suggest that these psychopaths do live as parasites. “What they are is clearly obvious. They are opportunists that do attach themselves to people as if they are parasites and drain off their resources. This fact is something that Babiak does illustrate in detail. What these psychopaths do is to seek the easiest way to get their way. They are naturally attracted, and do gravitate to wherever money is, which is the world of finance and business.

Contrary to popular beilief, not all psychopaths are serial killers

The truth is this. A psychopath can indeed be betrayed by his or her own behavior. “Studies do also indicate one thing. They do tend to have an issue with alcohol. They develop an unhealthy relationship with it,” states Dr. Babiak. Some people may be very quick to label his or her boss a psychopath. Please do be very careful in doing this. We seem to love accusing people of things. However, just be very careful, don’t go making accusations if there is no proof to back it up.

If your boss is a psycho or just a cruel person, refrain from dumping or displaying your bitterness of Facebook or Twitter, because it can be just the thing to cost you your job and livelihood.

The one solution to this problem would be just to simply get another job. Again, be careful here, and don’t let your boss find out that you are looking for another job. He might fire you based on that fact. You may also not find another job very fast. You can tell him or her to take care of their own problems, as they aren’t yours, they belong to him or her.

How to Create the Perfect Work/Life Balance

One of the most challenging centuries to ever live in is the 21st century. Life zooms by in such a speed that it is frightening. Everyday has so much that you do not realize when it is coming to an end. There are so many deadline meant to be met in a single day that it is frightening.

If you do not take time out of that busy schedule, all the stress can take a toll on your life and health. In the current day very many things are contributing to high numbers of unhealthy people.

Another problem with the current life is the monotony and insecurity of their jobs. The lack of challenge and fear of losing the jobs is a factor that has contributed to lack of good health in many people. It helps to ensure that all the time wasted is put into more useful activities. This will ensure keeping all the muscles and the brain active which will help ensure health.

Honesty is also important for perfect living Ensure that you do not take other people’s duties. This will not help them better themselves. People should be allowed to do their duties, make mistakes and learn from them. It is part of growing.

Taking steps towards minimizing the sources of stress in life helps keep one’s health in check hence prolonging one’s life. These steps including working for reasonable hours and having reasonable workloads. Overworking leads to stress which can lead to one becoming a robot and hence reducing their efficiency. This involves as earlier mentioned honesty even to the superiors by telling them that the workload is too much and impossible to finish in the time given.

Woman's Desk
The work day seems to be lasting longer and longer so it is important to find some balance

Take breaks scheduled in a day. This will help replenish your energy for the next part of the day. These include tea break and lunch break. Enjoy the meal in peace.

Apart from these ensure to keep the right office hours and not go overboard by overstaying at work. Separate your work life from your office life. Do not carry your work from the office to your house. This does not mean taking a break it just means changing the environment but keeping up the activities. The time given to go home is meant for one to relax before going back to work for the next shift. Even after getting home do not just jump into house chores. Ensure you actually take a break and relax before jumping into the other duties. Take a nap, a walk or even soak in a bath to relax.

Once in a while like over the weekend take a break. Find a new scenery, drive away and relax, take a vacation to replenish your energy. Listen to music very often. Let it carry you away to a peaceful place and enjoy it.

This is time that has been recovered from previously wasted time which is now used for relaxation and rejuvenation of oneself. Taking these steps will ensure a healthy living even in a life with its ups and downs. Remember life is like a rollercoaster, take break from the rides to clean, grease and maintain it or it will break down in no time.